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Ketogenic Diet Recipes in 20 Minutes or Less
Starting and sticking to a Keto Diet can be a challenge.  Many of us have busy lives and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen after a hard day of work.  We want to relax!  This new Ketogenic Cookbook and and Guide by Sydney Foster is just what you have been looking for!  Everything can be made in 20 minutes or less from start to finish!  Best of all, these recipes are as mouthwatering as they are simple to make!

From breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, and even some smoothies, you will love how simple and delicious sticking to the Keto Diet can be!
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Starting anything in your life can be a challenge.  The most important step is making a commitment to yourself and getting started.  The Ketogenic Diet can change your life and we at can provide all of the information and tools you need to succeed.  We look forward to helping you achieve a more healthy and vibrant life! 
What People Are Saying:
I was Very impressed with this book. I Just started on my keto lifestyle change and this book helped me so much. This book goes into how and why ketogenic works in order to achieve your health goals.The instructions were easy to understand with no problems, I know now that I have something to look forward to each and everyday with choosing a different meal. This is really a perfect beginner's diet plan book.
- Rachel R. ON, Canada
I love this book! This book has good, clear explanation of how to manage many health issues with healthy ketogenesis. Very insightful book for the person wishing to learn more about the ketogenic diet. Indeed, this book is highly recommended for anyone who is serious about ketogenic diet!
- Alana M, FL, USA
Comprehensive beginners guide with as many details as needed to understand the keto diet and achieve the ketosis on an easy way, the author provided step by step details about achieving ketosis describing all the facts and aspects of diet. The author also included a properly indexed weekly meal plan ready to follow.
And for the recipes, they are very well prepared to provide all the aspects needed to know about the recipes including serves, calories, fiber, protein, fat, net carbs, time ingredients by an ounce and properly described directions to cook the recipe. I have found short noted included some of the recipes which i find interesting and the recipes taste delicious and loved by my all family members. Very much recommended.
- Blaine M. NSW, Austrailia
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